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The commonly used product number is the last 4 digits of Lladro's reference number.

For example, the product number used by Lladro buyers, sellers and collectors for Venetian Fantasy is 1958.

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Factors Affecting Values and Pricing

Why does one product sell for more than another listing? Here are a few reasons why this happens:

- Supply and demand. A product may be relatively rare, but if multiple items happened to be offered at the same time it can affect the price.

- Is it in mint condition. Minor blemishes, chips, or scratches can cause large deductions in the value of an object. This is true even if they are not noticeable when the item is displayed. Mint condition items command superior prices.

- Read the entire product description. It is common for sellers to first say a piece is in perfect, or great condition with no chips. Then later, in smaller print say there are small chips but they are not noticeable. If a piece has a chip you will notice it.

- Is the original box or packaging available, and what is its condition.

- Is original paperwork with the item available.

- What is the reputation of the seller. Is the seller someone you know you can trust, or is it their first sale. The same product sold by different sellers can have a different price.

- Irrational bidding wars sometimes increase prices.

- Overlooked items frequently happen. When this occurs incredible deals can be sometimes be obtained.

- Pictures. The more and better quality the pictures the more information a buyer has to confirm the quality of an item.

- Is the piece a "second". Unfortunately, Lladro sells pieces that are not up to snuff and do not meet its quality standards. These are called "seconds" and newer pieces will not have the blue stamped logo on the bottom. Instead of destroying the insufficient product Lladro sells it. These inferior pieces then make their way into the market to be purchased by buyers unaware there can be different levels of quality. The blue Lladro stamp has been used since 1971 and should appear on the product.

- Is it a Nao. Lladro makes Nao pieces, but Nao products are less expensive and not of the same quality. Nao figurines are not considered "Lladro" figurines.

- Is it "like" a Lladro. Anything like a Lladro, which is not a real Lladro, is probably worthless.

- Better marketing. Some sellers are better marketers than others. Their products can fetch higher prices.

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