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About The Lladro Database was launched to keep track of Lladro figurine sales so that sellers would have a more accurate method of valuing their products, and collectors would have a better baseline for evaluating the fairness of a price.

Before The Lladro Database buyers and sellers were relegated to using the Lladro corporate website to see the retail price of current issues, but that price is often wildly different from what a figurine commands on the open market. Lladro corporate is not a secondary seller and does not have prices for retired pieces.

For retired pieces collectors and sellers could look at limited information in E*bay, if any information was available about sales, and prices charged on various gallery websites. Again, those prices can vary wildly.

It is our belief that actual sales data is the best, and only reliable means of ascertaining the price of a Lladro. Anyone can ask for a price on a website or in a gallery. The real question is: what is the real price a figurine sells for?

The Lladro Database is the only resource collecting actual sales prices to determine a product value.

As our database builds and collects more information, the valuing will become better and better.

Cost to Use

The Lladro Database is free to use. Our funding comes from a referral partnership with the E*Bay marketplace. It's small, but sufficient to keep the site online and support the time and labor intensive research required to collect and present the database information.

User Submissions

Information provided by users is greatly appreciated. All content is moderated and subject to being editing if it is used within the site.

As a general rule user provided information has any personally identifiable information removed.

Buying and Selling Lladros

The Lladro Database does not currently sell Lladros. That is not our purpose. While the possibility of conducting direct sales may occur in the future, at this time this website is not a place where we are buying Lladro figurines.



© Copyright All Rights Reserved. Our information may be not copied or resold. The Lladro Database contains a factual historical record of Lladro product information and sales based upon information publicly obtained, but is not associated with Lladro S.A. and does not make any claim to the Lladro trademark.

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