Ebay Lladro

The Lladro Database is the perfect place to shop for your next Lladro from eBay.

When it comes to collecting Lladro figurines eBay is still the ultimate marketplace. Some Lladros appear here and there on Amazon, but the second hand market on eBay has a much broader selection.

Steps to Take

First, search for the Lladro you are looking at by its number. This is done here – the LladroDB home page.

Second, review the Quick Review value box at the top of each product page.

In this box you will quickly see our product valuation based on prior sales in our database. You will also get the range of sale prices.

Third, after reviewing more details about the product (if you need them) scroll down to the Currently For Sale Section:

Here you will see what Lladro products are available right now on eBay and their current price. There is no need to first start searching on eBay.

In the above example you will see some products more, and others less, than the average product sale.

Click or tap on an image and you will be taken straight to the product where you can make an immediate purchase.

If there are no product thumbnail images then try the Green “Go Here to Check Availability” for an alternate eBay search. Then you may want to see if any figurines you are interested in have a typo and that is why they are not appearing. In most instances, though, if you do not see any Lladro images on the database product page that means that product is not available today on eBay.

Searching first on LladroDB and getting product valuations is much faster and results in better buying decisions that can save you a lot of money.

Remember – before buying your next Lladro check LladroDB first!

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Lladro Does Santa Claus

Ho Ho Ho! A jolly ole Saint Nick from Lladro may be just what you need to brighten the holidays or to make a great Christmas gift.

This fantastic Santa Claus is holding a young girl who wants to give him a loving kiss.

Very large at over twenty inches high, this is “Santa, I’ve Been Good” and has a limited edition run of only 2000 pieces. The original price was $3000 and the figurine can no longer be purchased directly from Lladro.

More information and product availability is on our Santa I’ve Been Good product page.

Down the Chimney is the name of this limited edition. Only 1500 figurines are made showing Santa getting ready to climb down the chimney with a bag of gifts.

One of the interesting features of this figurine, not necessarily obvious from a product picture, is the amount of intricate small detail. Fifteen different toys and gifts are identifiable in Santa’s bag!

Our Down the Chimney buying page is here.

Another limited edition, this one is Santa’s Midnight Ride.

Huge. Santa, his sleigh and reindeer flying through the clouds have a length of a little more than two feet. That’s right – a two foot figurine. It is also a little more than a foot high.

If you want an impressive piece everyone will talk about and what to see brought out every Christmas, this is it.

Get more information here …

More Santa related Lladro figurines:

Mrs. Santa Claus – Mrs. Santa is bringing out the goodies, and a furry friend is already having a Christmas snack!

Dear Santa – A precious young boy and his puppy are preparing their stockings for Santa. The dog is wonderfully cute.

Thank You Santa – Shown are two young girls adoring the new toys and gifts Santa has just brought them.

A Brushstroke of Dreams – A young elf at Santa’s workshop is putting the finishing touches on a birdhouse. Everything has to be just right before Santa takes off on his midnight ride.

Santa’s Busiest Hour – Shows Santa in his undershirt, checking the time, as he prepares to get ride for his busiest night of the year.

Christmas Journey – Santa is seen with a bag of gifts reviewing a globe as he plots his Christmas eve travels around the world.

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Lladro Repair Services

Many Lladro collectibles are delicate. Petals, fingers, and other parts break off. Sometimes the breakage occurs during shipping. Little is more aggravating than to damage a treasured collectibles – especially if it is expensive.

Here are several services which repair or restore Lladros:


Fine Art Restoration in Los Angeles advertises it repairs Lladro damage such as cracks or broken pieces. The website, online since 2005, briefly mentions being able to help with missing pieces or pieces that need to be replaced, but does not provide any details.

Rattay’s Crystal, China, & Collectibles Restoration in Southern California mentions it is recommended for Lladro restoration and repair. This includes a full restoration and dealing with broken pieces. The Rattay’s website has been up since 2008.

Pick Up the Pieces in Orange County has provided repair services for more than 50 years. Their website is old – up since 1998 – and advertises the company is a close partner with Lladro of Beverly Hills. The company offers full restorations, color matching, fixing broken pieces and chips, and providing replacement parts.


Leak Enterprises in Belleview says it is a recommended provider of repair and restoration Lladro services. The website has been around since 2002 and says if you have a missing piece their artists can try and recreate it. Free estimates are available and simple repairs start at $50. A fifty percent deposit is required to begin work.

Allan B. Mittelmark in Boynton Beach has over 40 years of experience repairing collectibles, including Lladros. His website has been available since 2004. Mittelmark says missing parts can be reconstructed and after a repair is done the piece will not lose value. (Note: if you have repaired or restored a piece it will lose value and you should disclose what has been done with the piece if you should sell it.)

Robert G. Bahna in Miami advertises Lladro restoration. Bahna’s website (as of this review) was not very professional. Although the site mentions a “since 1962” date, and a copyright starting in 2006, the website registration was only recently done in 2014 and that was through a questionable service with a Denmark address under the name of someone else. We recommend looking elsewhere, especially if you are needing to ship your treasure.


Bric-A-Brac Studio in Metairie advertises the repair of Lladro pieces. The website, up since 2003, also mentions fabricating pieces and finishing them to match the original. The studio website has nice pictures showing repair work with before and after pictures.


Hamlin’s Restoration Studio in Ellisville is an approved Lladro restoration service. The Hamlin website has been up since 2003 and advertises that the company has a large inventory on site of genuine replacement parts and flowers. When needed, the company can also hand-sculpt missing areas.


H. A. Eberhardt Restoration Studios – Free estimates are available and simple repairs start at $80. This is a well respected service in Philadelphia whose website has promoted Lladro restoration and repair services since 2000. Do not expect a quick turnaround and H. A. Eberhardt Restoration Studios states it does not provide part replacement parts for retired pieces as replacement parts are no longer offered by Lladro.

South Carolina

Universal Fine Art Conservation with locations in Estill and Head is an authorized Lladro service provider. The website has been available since 2004. Universal Fine Art advertises that it can provide replacement services, replicate parts, reconstruct items, reglaze, and do repairs.

South Dakota

Keller China Restoration in Rapid City offers restoration and repair services of many collectibles, including Lladro. Some of the before and after photos of actual repair services are simply amazing. The website has been listing services since 2005. Repair evaluations are free and repairs start at $35.


McHugh’s Restorations in Richmond is an official Lladro restoration service. Estimates are provided for free. McHugh’s website has been available since 2006.

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Lladro Angels : Wonderful Figurines and Gifts

Lladro angels are popular collectibles for good reason. Many have been created over the years and they make special Christmas gifts.

On this page we catalog and list and of the angel figurines created by Lladro’s artists:

Angel Praying

Angel Praying was first introduced in 1970 and is still going strong. This is one of the longest selling Lladro pieces. It features a young boy, who is an angel, on his knees saying a prayer. A wonderful piece worthy of any Lladro collection.

Angel Thinking

This angel, also from 1970, is called Angel Thinking. It shows a young angel sitting pensively with his head in his hand. If you are collecting angels then you need this figurine. Otherwise, we think Lladro has produced other angels with more meaningful emotions and depictions.

Angel With Flute

Angel with Flute is the name of this figurine which shows, not surprisingly, an angel playing a flute. The concept of the art is fine, but we would have liked to have seen either a happier or cuter face for the angel.

Angel Lying Down

Another Angel from 1970 this one is lying down. This one seems to have a slight frown on his face. For an angel we would have liked to have seen a happier depiction being made.

Angels Group

This trio of Angels singing a hymn is known as Angels Group. Not the best name but the figurine is much better. This piece, originally designed in 1970 by Fulgencio Garcia is still being sold. It makes a nice piece to give as a gift for Christmas.

Mime Angel

Mime Angel is the title of this figurine designed in 1977 by Salvador Debon. A mime tells a story using body movement instead of words. This angel has their hands by their face and it is unclear what they may be trying to communicate – if anything.

Curious Angel

Curious Angel is the name and that is what she depicts. We like this piece because it can be added to many displays and scenes. For instance, an angel looking over the baby Jesus. There is a lot you can do with this figurine.

Angel Dreaming

This one is called Angel Dreaming. Her expression is cute, as is the case for little kids when they are asleep. This is a nice piece by Salvador Debon.

Angel Wondering

Angel Wondering is this piece. This angel is sitting with legs splayed out. It almost looks like they are wondering how they fell down. You can find better pieces than this one unless you need it to complete a collection.

Heavenly Dreamer

Heavenly Dreamer is this piece. It shows a young angel asleep on a cloud. The cloud is done very nicely.

Your Special Angel

Your Special Angel also depicts a black angel. This one is standing on a cloud.

An Angel's Wish

An Angel’s Wish ads a bit of color to the white angels Lladro had been producing. It has light green for the cuffs and around the neck. Issued in 2000 by Jose Puche this is a nice piece to collect.

Heavenly Love

Heavenly Love by Begona Jauregui was issued in 2001. This is a wonderful piece and if you should have the opportunity to get one at a reasonable price you probably do not want to pass it up. This young angel is cradling a baby with love. She has a light blue top and pink flowers adorn her hair. A very loving piece that can’t help but melt your heart.

Heavenly Stars

Heavenly Stars is this 2003 design by Begona Jauregui. A young angel wearing a lavender top with flowers in her hair is showing off gold stars in her hand and on her outfit.

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Lladro Romeo and Juliet in the Spotlight

It is not often a thousand dollar swing is seen in prices for a figurine, especially for collectibles in mint quality with no defects which would cause a dramatic reduction in price.

But this is practically what we have seen with Lladro’s Romeo and Juliet piece. It probably has more to do with great selling than anything. It did make us want to put the spotlight on this particular Lladro piece.

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is of course the famous tragedy by William Shakespeare. Virtually everyone is familiar with the story of the two young lovers from feuding families (the Montague and Capulet clans) who end up mistakenly taking their own lives.

In this figurine Romeo and Juliet are shown sharing a moment. They are close, but not kissing or being intimate. Here is a closer view of the two:

romeo and juliet closeup

Naturally, they are depicted wearing clothes from the Renaissance.

One of the more fragile parts of the figurine is the rose. In the piece it is the focal point in middle. At the same time, it is not overly the focal point. It is a small rose almost easy to overlook.

Here is a closeup view of what it should look like:

romeo and juliet rose

Although the flower itself does not have a significant part in the story, it is mentioned in a famous line when Juliet says “…that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”

The oft-repeated saying refers to the fact it does not matter Romeo is from the “wrong” family, as a name is irrelevant to who a person is.

Here, Antonio Ruiz, who designed the piece for Lladro, is making use of these reference to draw meaning to the figurine.

Another fragile piece is the small sword that Romeo carries at this side:

romeo and juliet sword

At the end of Shakespeare’s drama, Juliet “poisons” herself to avoid being married to Count Paris. Instead of poison, it is really a coma inducing drug so others will think she is dead, but the idea is she will later wake up to join Romeo. Unfortunately, Romeo believes she has died and takes the real poison to end his life. When Juliet awakens she finds Romeo dead, with the poison all gone. She then takes his dagger and commits suicide.

With the prominent use of the dagger at Romeo’s side Llado again, in a subtle way uses a recognized part of the story to weave into its figurine.

There you are. Romeo and Juliet is not simply a figurine showing the two young lovers. Lladro has made use of the rose and prominent placement of Romeo’s dagger to refer to important parts of the story.

It is a contemplative scene between the two. Little do they know they mistakes and misunderstandings will lead to the unnecessary death of the them both.

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Lladro Daisa Explained in Full


What is Lladro Daisa? The reference to DAISA is seen on the bottom of some Lladro figurines and some wonder what it means. There is a lot of bad information online and we will clear it up from authoritative legal documents.

In the 1990s “Lladro” sued Costco alleging the retailer was unlawfully selling Lladro figurines in the United States without first purchasing them from a Lladro affiliate. Costco won the lawsuit and Lladro was ordered to pay Costco’s legal fees. The case is Disenos Artisticos E Industriales, S.A. v. Costco, decided by the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in 1996 (97 F.3d 377). From the court records:

DAISA is an abbreviation of Disenos Artisticos E Industriales, S.A., a Spanish corporation.

Here is the Lladro hierarchy of companies and how the distribution and manufacture of Lladro figurines works (this information has apparently only been publicly disclosed via the court documents), or at least how the hierarchy and structure existed in the mid 1990s. It may have changed since then:

Lladro Comercial, S.A. is the parent company at the head of the Lladro empire.

Lladro Comercial, S.A. owns several subsidiary companies, through which it owns DAISA.

Interestingly, DAISA owns the copyright to the Lladro figurines, not the ultimate parent company.

Also of interest, neither DAISA nor the parent Lladro company make the Lladro figurines and products. Instead, DAISA licenses the right to make the figurines to four different manufacturers. The manufacturers have the ability to directly sell the figurines they make to anyone in the world. However, instead of doing this they sell the figurines back to the parent company Lladro Comercial.

The parent company then sells the figurines to various retailers and distributors worldwide.

For sales in the United States, Lladro Comercial contracts exclusively with LLadro USA to distribute Lladros in the fifty states.

In the lawsuit, Costco had purchased numerous Lladro figurines in the United States, but not via Lladro USA. Instead, Costco had acquired product from numerous sources, including from an American company who had originally purchased them from a Mexican company which had gone out of business.

The Lladro companies claimed Costco could not sell the figurines because some came into the United States outside of Lladro USA and this was the only way Lladro permitted its products to be imported into the US.

The federal court noted every gift shop in the country could be sued if they had legitimately purchased a product and it turned out the purchase involved a distribution not authorized by the original creator of the product.

The federal court also noted the Lladro entities had made a mistake. DAISA owned the copyright, but Lladro Comercial was trying to force a certain model of distributing products via Lladro USA. The parent company could not do this. Only DAISA, the copyright owner could – but DAISA’s contracts allowed the manufacturers to sell to whoever they wanted without going through LLadro USA.

The court ruled the facts were undisputed and Costo was the winner of the lawsuit.

Now you know.

Daisa is short for Disenos Artisticos E Industriales, S.A., a Spanish corporation, one of several related Lladro corporations and the one designated to own the copyright on Lladro products.


As if the Lladro corporate structure was not complicated enough, another case further flushed out who the intermediary companies are and who owns who. This is from another lawsuit in 1987 Disenos Artisticos E Industriales, SA v. Work (E.D. NY 1987) 676 F.Supp. 1254, also relating to who can sell Lladro products in the United States , and the corporate hierarchy could have been different from what was seen in the later case.

In that 1987 case Sodigei, S.A., a Spanish corporation, was described as being owned by the Lladro brothers. Sodigei in turn owned DAISA, Lladro Exportadora, S.A., and Lladro, S.A. Lladro Exportadora owned Weil Ceramics & Glass, Inc.

For completeness, while researching the issue we came across Weil Ceramics & Glass, Inc. v. Dash, 618 F. Supp. 700 (D.N.J. 1985), a third copyright case by Lladro challenging the ability of retailers to legally purchase Lladros via foreign markets and then sell them in the US without going through Lladro. That case noted in the 1970s Lladro acquired all of the stock in Weil Ceramics & Glass in 1977.

In 1963 Weil had begun importing Lladros to the US and Lladro S.A granted Weil the ability to register the flower trademark.

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31 Lladro Dog Figurines and Products

Lladro has produced many figurines featuring man’s favorite friend: the dog. These art pieces celebrate not only different dog breeds, but familiar and of often heart tugging emotional scenes people with pets are familiar with.

On this page we seek to catalog all Lladro pieces featuring dogs.


This dog pendant is smart sized at about one and one-half inches square in size. This is not your typical Lladro figurine. It comes from the company decoration department.

You will see the Chinese imprinted on the side for the Year of the Dog. A dog symbolizes loyalty.

First released in 2005, this product was retired in 2011.

the dog

This cute white dog, with its pink tongue, was originally made in 2005 and it still actively produced. The dog is expecting something from the master it trusts.

can't wait

This is my dog on Christmas! The piece is called Can’t Wait and it shows a dog working on getting a red ribbon off a present. The mistletoe next to the bow suggests this is a Christmas present.

take me home

Take me Home is the title of this figurine, and how could you not! Talk about puppy dog eyes.

attentive greyhound

This is called Attentive Greyhound. Designed in 2011 this is the first of two similar greyhound pieces. If you like greyhound dogs these are for you. Otherwise – it is likely only for serious collectors.

pensive greyhound

The second greyhound figurine, it is called Pensive Greyhound. This is not a popular dog breed and we currently do not know why it was chosen by Lladro for two different pieces.

baby sitting

Baby Sitting is the name of this piece. It features a Saint Bernard, with a trademark rescue package around its neck, cuddly next to a baby pup ready to learn the ways of the world.

please come home

Awww! Please Come Home is the fitting name for this art piece. It depicts two dogs looking at the window waiting for their humans to come home.

shetland sheepdog

This is Shetland Sheepdog. It looks a bit like a collie, but is another dog breed featured by Lladro that is not ultra popular.

golden retriever

There is no doubt about the popularity of this dog, the golden retriever. This figurine probably looks like quite a few family pets.

fetch my shoe

Fetch My Shoe is a whimsical piece. It shows a young girl having dropped her shoe. Do you think her puppy will be able to fetch it for her? Or will it take off with the shoe?

giddy up dog

Only a Great Dane could be the subject of Giddy Up Dog. Did you ever wish you could ride your dog like a horse? This young jockey is ready to go, but they may have picked the wrong animal.

girl with dalmations

Two young dalmations are being held by this girl. They are white with black spots. She is wearing white trimmed in red.

girl with french bulldog

The title of this figurine, Girl With French Bulldog, accurately describes what this is all about. Our young miss is walking her dog, who of course is straining the leash trying to sniff out something new.

blossoms for the puppy

Blossoms for the Puppy shows a dog playing with a bird which is gathering flower blossoms.


Simply called Maltese, that is the name of this dog breed. Lladro shows a very white and very hairy dog, with cute black eyes and nose poking out. In her hair is a pink bow to add some color.


One of the most popular dogs, it is surprising it took Lladro until 2009 to issue a Chihuahua figurine. This one is small, like the dog, measuring in at just a little more than two inches in size.

welsh corgi pembroke

The Welsh Corgi Pembroke figurine. We do not imagine this is a big seller as the dog is a bit obscure.


The Pomeranian figurine. If you have a pomeranian friend in your home, and love Lladros, this is a good combination.

yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier figurine. There is a lot of hair on this dog, which is white and gray.

naughty puppy

Naughty Puppy or just playful? Lladro decided Naughty Puppy should be the name of this figurine, as the young dog seeks to disrobe a young girl clutching a blue towel after a nice bath.

playful character

Playful Character is the name of this piece. This mischievous little dog is sitting on your basket of flowers, and you can’t have them without first playing!

a warm welcome

A warm welcome. A big warm slobbery welcome. Can an animal ever love you too much? Here a big, friendly dog welcomes home a young girl. It does not matter how long she has been gone, her dog always loves her and likes to see her come through the door.

a loyal friend

A boy’s best friend is his most Loyal Friend, which is the name of this figurine. You can bet the two will grow up and enjoy many fun times together.

my little explorers

A boy and his dog. Err, dogs. Everyone is going for a walk and having a bit of fun.

puppy parade

Charming. This figurine is titled Puppy Parade. It is probably the most expensive Lladro piece on this page relating to dogs with a retail price of $1150. A young girl is trying to walk two dogs at once. Her cocker spaniels, and a slew of puppies not on leashes. Good luck!

lets fly away

Let’s Fly Away is an interesting piece. It features a dog wearing old-style flying goggles and riding a paper airplane. A most unusual piece for Lladro.

little stowaway

A related figurine, Little Stowaway, shows a cute sailor puppy looking out over the side of a paper boat. Beneath the boat you can see the crashing blue waves.

new friend

New Friend is the name of this figurine. It shows a new puppy home for the first time. A little bashful and unsure of himself and what his new surroundings will bring.

gentle surprise

This piece is named Gentle Surprise. It shows a young dog looking at the end of his tail where a butterfly seems to have landed. What should he do about this situation?

bashful bather

Bashful Bather is one of Lladro’s longest running pieces that has not been retired. It was originally designed in 1988. The figurine shows bath time, which is not usually a dog’s favorite event.

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Springtime in Japan in the Spotlight

Springtime in Japan

Springtime in Japan is one of the more popular Lladro figurines. It is one of the more actively traded pieces according to the Lladro database

And no wonder – Springtime in Japan has been made since 1983. It is one of the longest running Lladro pieces.

The original artist was Salvador Debón. The retail price is $2550 if you buy direct from Lladro in Spain. Using the Lladro database you will be able to buy it for much less. The artwork is large measuring about thirteen inches wide and fourteen inches in height. It is impressive.

Springtime in Japan features two Japanese women in traditional garments. They are wearing kimonos and one is holding a parasol. They are found on a small, arced Japanese bridge over a small stream where a swan is swimming. Spring greenery abounds and the women have flowers in their hair.

Spring is a festive time of the year in Japan, and a time for cherry blossoms. They usually flower in force around April. The Japanese word for cherry blossoms in sakura. The blossoms are so revered weather reporters not only talk about the local temperature, but also how many cherry blossoms are in bloom. These reports follow the bloom of flowers are they advance north in the country. It is a popular event dating back centuries for the Japanese.

There is a cherry blossom season, trees with blossoms are found everywhere, such as outside schools, and can be found everywhere in Japan. If a foreigner is visiting they wonder what all the fuss is about. All they need to know is that spring time in Japan, and the blossoming of cherry blossoms, is an important event.

cherry blossoms

This large canopy of cherry blossoms can be found at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. For size, note how comparatively small the boats and people are by comparison.

Lladro 1445 closeup

Here is a close up view of one of the geisha women in the Lladro piece. Now you can see the intricate Lladro artistry. The fine detail of her kimono includes detailed lavender heart shapes on her collar. The sash belt around her waist has a detailed purple design, with a green and pink flower in middle. In her hair you can see an array of cherry blossoms. Here parasol has bands of different colors.

Lladro 1445

The other girl is wearing a light pink kimono. In her left hand she is holding a white bowl full of cherry blossoms. More blossoms adorn a headband in her hair. More flowers are on her outfit and her collar has an intricate design.


At the bottom of the figurine is a low arched with a swan underneath. In this close up view you can see the intricate detail of the brown bridge. In addition to the lattice artwork in the side, the boards appear to be made of wood. Below is the bird with feathers.

If you look closely at the top you can see the lower portion of a kimono and the small, detailed flowers of different colors that are on it. To the right is the greenery coming to life during the spring.

Overall, Springtime in Japan is wondrous piece of art. No wonder it is so popular and has been produced for so many years!

On our Springtime in Japan LLadro database page you will find listings of this piece currently available to be purchased today. Availability changes daily, so either buy now or check back to see if anything is new. And of course you also get the Lladro databases exclusive catalog of prior sales to compare prices to make sure you are getting a fair price for your art.


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Behind the Scenes Look at Lladro

Video transcription:

Rosa Lladro
President of Lladro

I think that at the moment in Lladro we are experiencing a very rich and positive creative phase because we are lucky to have a team of mainly young sculptors with a very current language, and they bring a completely modern approach to the company.

As well, people from the world of design collaborate too; people who move around and bring us what we want, which is fresh air from the street.

Jaime Hayon
Artistic Advisor, Lladro

I’m Jaime Hayon and I’d like to tell you a bit about my experience with Lladro.
I have always been very concerned, as a designer and creator, with what it is to create with our hands, and conserve the handmade element that exists in this country.

It is impressive when someone comes to the company and realizes that there are young people and people in the IPod era working with porcelain the way people did 200 years ago.

It is an example for industries both in this country and abroad.

Alberto y Pepe
Creative Team, CuldeSac

We are Alberto and Pepe, from the CuldeSac studio, and we are going to explain our experience of working with Lladro.

The Re-Cyclos project concerns one of Lladro’s products, in this case bells and balls.

Every year the bell of the year was changed and people bought them for their Christmas trees, especially in America.

After 25 to 30 years the stock of bells and balls was so big that Lladro decided to recycle them, giving these objects a new life.

Introducing them into contemporary spaces was hard, so with these pieces that connect with a simple click they looked like geometrical pieces from the outside, but inside you could enjoy the Lladro’s essence ;the excellent ornamentation.

Paco Cuesta
Head of Art and Technical Coordination, Lladro:

The creative team is made up of about 40 professionals, sculptors, designers, decorators and ornamentalists, who, supported by a technical team, and through close collaboration, manage to complete the physical form of an ideal in porcelain.

When a project is presented it is done on paper or on some type of image format, but then it has to be transformed to a physical form which will then enable it to be reproduced in porcelain.

Bet Cantallaops
Architect, Saeta Estudi

The collaboration Lladro has with creators outside the company, essentially young and innovative people, is very interesting, especially because it is a way of introducing a modern language into a brand that has a great tradition and history, but actually what it gives it is a new interpretation, a new way of reaching a new audience, without losing the former one.

Jaime Hayon
Porcelain is a very interesting material because it is able to create and be adapted to any idea.

I have used it to make bathrooms, decorative objects, and to create modern art installations.

There’s something magic about porcelain, something other materials don’t have.

Anna y Macarena
Fashion designers, El Delgado Buil

For us the classical style is really what is most modern; it moves in parallel to trends, it will never go out of fashion.

Jaime Hayon
Today we realize that with ideas, by believing in creativity, dialogue and conversation, it is easy to achieve something incredible, and this is based on experimentation and exchange, on knowing oneself, on not demanding but learning.

Jose Santaeulalia
Sculptor, Lladro

From the perspective of a sculptor, the development of the Lladro brand has been progressive but quite clear.

We are a staff of very young sculptors and the values remain the same but aesthetically, my house isn’t decorated like my parents’ or my relatives’ house, we create pieces that people like but that I could put in my house.

I think that this has been noticed a lot, and it will be noticed a lot more.

Bodo Sperlein

But the experience I gained from working with Lladro obviously touched on was to be actually working with very, very skilful workers, you know, and, I think, it was like, almost like an exchange of gifts. I was bringing a very new look to the company and in exchange they gave me the inside of these amazing skills. I think what I brought to the table was a new vision, what I wanted to do with Lladro was to actually change people’s perception of the product, I wanted to show people through my product porcelain is also a very versatile material. It’s not just used for decorative purpose alone, it can also be used as a useful object. So for me, it was great to look at the beautiful, you know, horses, heads and turn them into bottle stoppers, or to do vases which have a function, but likewise, also being at the same time being very, very sculptural within the Lladro theme.

Susana Rodriguez
Head of the Design Team, Lladro

The design department is a department which is closely related to other creative areas; sculptors, ornamentalists, decoration and technique, and it is the department that develops those objects which are not only decorative figures, but that are functional: lamps, salt cellars, pepper pots, table objects, vases or any decorative item which also has a use.

And it is in this department that the company is investing a lot in innovation.

Inaki y Aitor
Fashion designers, Ailanto

We decided to take some big photos, enlargements, from a natural science museum in Berlin, and mix stuffed animals against nature backgrounds with the animals from the Lladro selection.

What most surprised us in the factory were all the molds each figure has.

Francesc Pons
Interior designer – Design Award for Architecture AD 2008

Our proposal was to take parts of the classical figures, like Bodo, one of the internal collaborators did, and put them in these methacrylate cubes kind of like a piece of jewelry, a very delicate piece that could be broken.

We thought it would be nice to protect it.

Jaime Hayon
Lladro is at the very top of a completely unique vision of porcelain art.

It is revolutionizing it in a very natural way.

Ramon Pla
Head of the Decoration Department, Lladro

An example of innovation through decoration could be the concept of “redeco”.

In their form they are essentially classical pieces, and when this new approach endows them with color and chromatism, and they move towards innovation and creation, which decoration brings to them in this project.

I am really happy to be working on this decoration team because there is room for experimentation.

With this lab, we can research new products, new colors, and that is very exciting.

Clare Page / Harry Richardson
Creative Team, Committee

We tend to have a respect for the romance, the messages that come from Lladro are romantic and hopeful and optimistic, and so much of the contemporary design is about contemporary culture, breaking things down and ruining, not ruining but, you know, tearing everything upside down, taking it apart, and we didn’t want to do that. It wasn’t about deconstructing that, it was just about saying the same message because it is a universal message, but saying it in a contemporary aesthetic, a new aesthetic language. Because I think it is so easy to forget what the classical symbols mean. We just begin to take for granted a classical image, and, so that has to be renewed, but the message can stay the same.

Jaime Hayon
Without creativity, risk, and experimentation we can’t go anywhere.

Pere Ortega/ Gernando Ansorena / Bet Cantallops
Architects, Saeta Estudi

For new generations decorative porcelain can be as interesting as anything else.

In fact, the bibelot, as it was called in the past, is something that everyone has.

The home isn’t really a home if we don’t fill it with small objects, and both decorative porcelain and something more or less modern can have a part in this creation of a home, of the objects we like to look at.

I think that Lladro with its new line, plays an interesting role in this world of objects that people like to look at in their house.

Alberto y Pepe
Nowadays, when everything happens so quickly, when everything is consumed and produced quickly, finding a company of this size that has a product in which time is important, but in an opposite way, it is not about more production, but better production, that each piece is created by so many people in so much time, is going against the grain.

It is the detail, it is not an industrial product; it is craftwork.

Francesc Pons
I love the way everything is so hand-made.

There are only two ways: either very industrial or hand-made production of excellent quality.

Everything in between will disappear and what will remain is the top, and the much cheaper industrial option.

Jaime Hayon
We are recognized internationally, from Tavernes Blanques to Tokyo.

It is due to that natural aspect and know-how, and that has only been created through dialogue.

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Lladro Ballerina Figurines in the Spotlight

The most popular Lladro figurines people search for are ballerinas. (See out prior analysis of the ten most popular Lladro searches.)

With that in mind, lets take a look at some of the ballet related art pieces Lladro has created.

1893 love for ballet

Love For Ballet is a massive piece selling for the astounding price of $11,000. Only 500 will ever be made. It is an exclusive among rare Lladro pieces.

Designed in 2004 by sculptor Juan Carlos Ferri Herrero, Love For Ballet is a huge thirty-two inches high and twenty-two inches side.

The piece features three figures: a mother and her two daughters dressed in their ballet outfits. Mom is putting the finishing touches on her little one’s hair.

It is a cute piece.

But $11,000 is not pocket change no matter how much you love the ballet.

01018355 ballerina ornament

To the other end of the price spectrum we go with this ballerina ornament.

Designed in 2011 by the ornament department, the retail price is $99. It features a plain white ballerina, with her arms folded across her waist as if she we waiting. Noticeable are her gold ballet slippers, on which she is standing on toe.

01008771  my debut dress

A recent piece designed in 2014 by Javier Molina is called My Debut Dress. The retail price is $300.

This figurine, about seven inches high, shows a young girl in a black leotard holding up her new pink outfit she will be wearing in front of friends and family. It depicts a feeling everyone in the world of ballet will relate to.


A related figuring by Molina is called Thinking of My Debut. Retailing for $285, it shows the same young ballerina on the floor stretching, but looking off to the side. She is wearing her black leotard and pink ballet slippers.

Between Thinking of My Debut and My Debut Dress, we prefer the My Debut Dress piece. But both will look nice together.

01008593 mysterious ballerina

Mysterious Ballerina is the name of this limited edition piece. Only 1000 will be made and it was first released in 2011. The designer is José Luis Alvarez and it comes with a retail price of $1100. The figuring is only seven inches high so much of the price is based on its rarity.

Depicted in Mysterious Ballerina is a young woman in black. She has black slippers, a mostly black dress, and black head piece hiding her light brown hair. The “mystery” of the woman appears to be her eyes. Perhaps it would be more appropriately titled if she were wearing a mask, but her eyes are outlined in black makeup and that gives her quite the look.

As a contrast, her lips are thinly painted with bright red lipstick.


We like this piece called My Perfect Pose. It depicts two young ballerina friends. One is holding up a mirror help her friend see what she is doing so she can perfect her posing. The reflection in the mirror is quite remarkable.

The retail price is $960 and it was designed by Javier Molina in. The approximate dimensions of the piece are eight by ten inches.

In addition to the reflection, note the intricate detail of the gold frame for the mirror, and the detail of the pleats in the sitting ballerina’s dress.


We almost didn’t include this piece for this page about ballerina pieces, as the focus is more on the kitten than the ballerina. However, Lladro considers this is ballerina piece so we will include it.

Called A Purr-Fect Reflection, it retails for $525 and was designed in 2012 by Javier Molina.

It shows a very young ballerina holding up a mirror to her kitten, which is watching her reflection. It is a cute scene to be sure, and the reflection is well done in porcelain.

01008570 ready for practice

This fun piece is called Ready for Practice. It shows two young ballerinas on the love seat getting ready for ballet practice. One is standing up, ready to go. The other is struggling to put on her final slipper.

Check out the detail of the love seat. It is gold, blue and white, with intricate detail everywhere.

Ready for Practice is a limited edition piece with 3000 to be sold. It was first released in 2011 and is designed by Javier Molina. Lladro’s retail price is $1230 and the piece is roughly eleven inches by nine inches in size.


This fabulous piece of art is called Backstage Ballet. It shows three ballerinas in different poses getting ready to go on stage. The striking aspect of this piece is their outfits. In particular, the ruffles of their outfits which appear to be in motion.

Large, Backstage Ballet is fourteen inches high and nineteen inches in length.

It is a limited edition with only 2500 to be made. It was first released in 2010 and the sculptor is José Luis Santes. Lladro’s retail price is $2800.


This Lladro is eleven inches high but only $550. Called Giselle Arabesque it makes a striking impression as the ballet dancer stretches out and displays her dress as a large fan.

We consider this a great Lladro deal.

Giselle Arabesque was first issued in 2009 and is designed by Javier Molina.


A related piece is Giselle Reverence. The pose is not the reverse image of Giselle Arabesque. In Giselle Reverence the ballet dancer is angled and looking down. Our preference is the Arabesque pose where she is angled up, but it may be a cultural preference.

This piece has the same striking effect as her dress is spread out as a fan. It also retails for $550 and was created by Javier Molina in 2009.

01008243 refinement

This plain ballerina piece from Miguel Angel Santaeulalia was made in 2006. It is called Refinement and shows a ballerina, sitting on a stool, with her hands and feet crossed and holding a pink flower.

It is not our favorite. The head seems small and the arms seem long. There is not much expression or passion being shown.

Lladro’s retail price is $690 for a large piece measuring ten and one-quarter inches by eleven and one-half inches.


Little Ballerina I is the name of this figurine. It is only five by three inches, and hows a little girl sitting on a stool in our outfit, happily making a pose.

Created in 2005 by artist José Javier Malavia the retail value is $295.

01005496 recital

Recital is the name of this odd piece. It shows a ballet girl, with her left arm stretched out to the side, and with her arm the front of her ballet dress is lifted up in front to show about as much leg as one can go. She is looking off the to side at something.

Not our favorite piece.

Created in 1988 by Salvador Debón, it retails for $420 and is about six inches high.

Once you get beyond the odd look and uplift of her dress, the piece does have a lot of detail. There are flowers in her hair, two pink flowers on her detailed outfit, and the brown stool with a blue seat is intricate.

01007040 recital redeco

In 2007 Salvador Debón did a “re-deco” version of this piece. It is all in white with a silver chair, a silver hair piece, and a few small silver accessories on the hemline of the dress.

Although we are normally a fan of the re-deco pieces, not this one. It looks terrible. Buy maybe you disagree? The retail price is $435.

01005498 opening night

Opening Night, on the other hand, is a very nice piece. We only wish it were larger than the five inches for which it was designed by Salvador Debón. The list price is $420 and it was initially released in 1988.

Opening Night shows a ballerina getting ready to perform. She sitting, with legs crossed, and possibly reviewing her pink slipper. Her outfit is white and blue and this color scheme is continued with her head piece.

01006764 my debut

My Debut is the name of this figurine. It is less than five inches high but very colorful and well done. A young ballerina is shown holding a bouquet of blue, pink and white flowers. She is wearing a yellow head piece. She seems satisfied with her initial performance.

Miguel Angel Santaeulalia designed the figurine in 2000 and it has a retail price of $310.

01006763 first performance

A year later in 2001, Miguel Angel Santaeulalia released virtually the same piece. This one is called First Performance. About six inches high and retailing for $385, it shows the same young ballerina as in My Debut, also holding her bouquet of flowers.

Perhaps there was something about My Debut which caused Lladro to slightly remake the figuring a year later as First Performance. They don’t really go together, so you will want to choose between My Debut and First Performance.

5919 rose ballet

Rose Ballet is the name of this wonderful figurine. A lovely ballet dancer is shown contemplating a pink rose she holds in her hand. She is stretched out, as only ballet dancers would do. She is shown wearing a light purple head piece and an off the shoulder white dress.

Designed in 1992 by José Luis Alvarez, Rose Ballet is five inches, a little more than eight inches in length, and retails for $300.

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