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Lladro Prices Highest In Italy But Also Has Fewest Sales, While the UK is Hot for Lladros

Where are the best deals for Lladro? Far and away the most sales activity is on Ebay. There are multiple Ebay sites in different countries. What we did is look at Lladro listing and sales data on Ebay sites worldwide

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Ten Most Popular Lladro Searches on Ebay

10. Lladro Don Quixote This Don Quixote figurine was designed in 1970 by Salvador Furió. 9. Lladro Horse One of many horses, this caught our fancy. Maybe because it is blue with gold highlights. Everyone can have a horse figurine.

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Lladro Nativity Set

Lladro does not publish a “nativity set” although the company has made many figurines from which you can create your own set. Trying to collect every possible piece can get expensive fast. There are a couple pieces, though, with the

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2014 Lladro Christmas Ornaments

Lladro has released its Christmas ornaments for 2014 and you can see them here. On this page we are only reviewing ornaments which have a date on them – 2014 – and not any ornament designed or released in 2014.

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Lladro Does Marilyn Monroe

The Fall 2014 Lladro releases include the company’s first depiction of Marilyn Monroe. I had to search to confirm this was a first, and it is. One might think Lladro had previously done a Marilyn Monroe piece, but this is

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Lladro Mermaids

Lladro issued a newsletter this year about summer days and fun in the sun figurines it has made. It caught our attention that it was heavy on mermaids, so we decided to review some of the mermaids Lladro has made

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Lladro Gets Patriotic

Lladro has released a few figurines celebrating American independence. The first is called Saluting the Flag: A young boy is shown saluting the stars and stripes. He is carrying the American flag in his left hand while issuing a salute

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Lladro 2014 Annual Piece Sweet Adolescence

Lladro has released its 2014 Annual Piece.  It is called Sweet Adolescence by artist Marco Antonio Noguerón.     This simple piece, in all full length white dress with a pink belt and pink flower, captures a reflective time in

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