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Lladro Angels : Wonderful Figurines and Gifts

Lladro angels are popular collectibles for good reason. Many have been created over the years and they make special Christmas gifts. On this page we catalog and list and of the angel figurines created by Lladro’s artists: Angel Praying was

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Lladro Romeo and Juliet in the Spotlight

It is not often a thousand dollar swing is seen in prices for a figurine, especially for collectibles in mint quality with no defects which would cause a dramatic reduction in price. But this is practically what we have seen

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31 Lladro Dog Figurines and Products

Lladro has produced many figurines featuring man’s favorite friend: the dog. These art pieces celebrate not only different dog breeds, but familiar and of often heart tugging emotional scenes people with pets are familiar with. On this page we seek

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Springtime in Japan in the Spotlight

Springtime in Japan is one of the more popular Lladro figurines. It is one of the more actively traded pieces according to the Lladro database And no wonder – Springtime in Japan has been made since 1983. It is one

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