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Ebay Lladro

The Lladro Database is the perfect place to shop for your next Lladro from eBay. When it comes to collecting Lladro figurines eBay is still the ultimate marketplace. Some Lladros appear here and there on Amazon, but the second hand

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Lladro Repair Services

Many Lladro collectibles are delicate. Petals, fingers, and other parts break off. Sometimes the breakage occurs during shipping. Little is more aggravating than to damage a treasured collectibles – especially if it is expensive. Here are several services which repair

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Lladro Angels : Wonderful Figurines and Gifts

Lladro angels are popular collectibles for good reason. Many have been created over the years and they make special Christmas gifts. On this page we catalog and list and of the angel figurines created by Lladro’s artists: Angel Praying was

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Lladro Prices Highest In Italy But Also Has Fewest Sales, While the UK is Hot for Lladros

Where are the best deals for Lladro? Far and away the most sales activity is on Ebay. There are multiple Ebay sites in different countries. What we did is look at Lladro listing and sales data on Ebay sites worldwide

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