Lladro 2014 Annual Piece Sweet Adolescence

Lladro has released its 2014 Annual Piece.  It is called Sweet Adolescence by artist Marco Antonio Noguerón.


Sweet Adolescence


This simple piece, in all full length white dress with a pink belt and pink flower, captures a reflective time in the life of young woman.  The time between being a girl and adulthood.

Here you can see the fine details of her face and head.  A brunette with brown eyes, her lips are a soft shade of pink.  The woman is not looking at anyone in particular, but seems to be absorbed in self-thought.  You can see strands of hair detailed on her head, which is tied to the side with a white hair band to let her hair cascade over her left shoulder down to her breast.

In this close-up you can see the young woman’s torso, belt and flower.  If you look close you will see the fine Lladro artistry.  The large flower has four purple – pinkish flowers to the side.  One to the left and three to the right.  Each is lightly outlined in white.

At first glance what appears to be a pink flower is actually a large white flower.  It has a soft pink middle adorned by seven very small pink flower petals in the middle.  The complex coloring shows at least three different shades of pink being used.

This piece is simple in its beauty and deceptive in its fine detail.

The large, billowing dress helps make the female figure appear smaller and more feminine. White, of course, the color of virtue and innocence.

Released in 2014 Sweet Adolescence is sold by Lladro for $300.

To give you perspective, Sweet Adolescence is a reasonably large piece, standing almost fourteen inches high. At the base the figurine is six inches wide.

It is meant to be seen and not hidden amongst a lot of clutter while you ponder her youth and what she must be thinking about.

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