Lladro Gets Patriotic

Lladro has released a few figurines celebrating American independence.

The first is called Saluting the Flag:

Saluting the Flag

A young boy is shown saluting the stars and stripes. He is carrying the American flag in his left hand while issuing a salute with his right hand.

Designed by artist Juan Ignacio Aliena in 2011, Saluting the Flag is slightly more than eight inches tall.

The child is dressed in a white shirt with dark pants, with red tennis shoes and is standing on a small patch of green grass.

The companion piece is called Let Freedom Ring:

Let Freedom Ring

A young girl is depicted carrying the stars and strips in her right arm. She is wearing a white sun dress with a head band holding back her hair.

This figuring was also created by sculptor Juan Ignacio Aliena in 2011 and has the same size a little more than eight inches in height.

Together, Saluting the Flag and Let Freedom Ring make a wonderful pair. While they can be displayed separately, most will want to collect both and display them together.

At a minimum, these are pieces which can be brought out every July 4th.

In both pieces the flag is shiny and vibrant with rich red and blue colors. The 50 individuals stars can be seen the wave has ripples as if waving.

In its newsletter Lladro states that nothing depicts hope and freedom more than young children, which is they were chosen for these pieces. The parade of Old Glory is meant to be a tribute to America. the ideals of the country, and the potential each child and person has.

The retail price for each figurine is $370.

The currently available pieces and their price history go here for Saluting the Flag and here for Let Freedom Ring.

The name “Old Glory” was coined by a retired 19th century sea captain named William Driver. This was the name he gave a large flag presented to him in the early 1830s. The flag became famous from his frequent displays in Nashville and the name stuck and grew.

Now everyone knows what Old Glory is and the original flag is enshrined in the Smithsonian.

You can share this bit of Americana and history through these wonderful Lladro figurines.

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