Lladro Prices Highest In Italy But Also Has Fewest Sales, While the UK is Hot for Lladros

Where are the best deals for Lladro? Far and away the most sales activity is on Ebay. There are multiple Ebay sites in different countries.

What we did is look at Lladro listing and sales data on Ebay sites worldwide for the last 90 days (July 24, 2014 to October 21, 2014) to see what they showed for sales and listing prices.

The differences seen across different Ebay country sites was remarkable.

This chart shows the average price for Lladro products:

average sales price

As you can see, the average price in Italy is far higher than the United States. France is the cheapest.

It could be the price differential results from more higher priced items being listed in Italy as compared with cheaper Lladro items. But what does not make sense is why that would be the situation.

The average listing price in Italy is $170.47. To compare, the average price in the United State is $112.72 and in France only $61.32.

Significantly, prices in the United States, though lagging Italy, were the second highest. The Ebay home site also has the most listings.

The next inquiry we had was how many listings sold?

Again, the differences between countries is remarkable:

sell through percentage

In Italy, a measly 1.97 percent of listings sold. Could it be because the listings are not competitively priced? Perhaps not. Although across the board listings in France were the cheapest, only 5.81 percent of the French listings sold.

In the United States, on the other hand, 17.44 percent of the listings sold. The leaders were the United Kingdom and Australia with sale through rates of 26.63 and 23.30 percent respectively.

From our first two inquiries we can see that listing Lladro pieces on Ebay.com in the United States is worthwhile for sellers. Overall prices are higher and the percent of listings resulting in sales is strong.

The United States also offers tremendous opportunities for buyers because there are so many listings, including higher priced (rarer) products, and the listings are competitive and of sufficient quality that customers want to buy.

Finally, we looked at where Lladro buyers are located at worldwide:

buyer country split

59.31 percent of all buyers are from the United States. While we expected the United States to lead this category due to its large population, the 60 percent number is a bit lower than what we expected.

Next, the United Kingdom has 26.16 percent of all buyers.

Australia had only 3.31 percent and Canada 1.03 percent.

The major English speaking countries thus account for over 90 percent of all Lladro sales on Ebay sites worldwide.

The percentage of buyers from the United Kingdom is disproportionately large. It could be that England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are the biggest Lladro fans. This could account for why the UK Ebay site has the highest sales rate in the world.

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