Lladro Repair Services

Many Lladro collectibles are delicate. Petals, fingers, and other parts break off. Sometimes the breakage occurs during shipping. Little is more aggravating than to damage a treasured collectibles – especially if it is expensive.

Here are several services which repair or restore Lladros:


Fine Art Restoration in Los Angeles advertises it repairs Lladro damage such as cracks or broken pieces. The website, online since 2005, briefly mentions being able to help with missing pieces or pieces that need to be replaced, but does not provide any details.

Rattay’s Crystal, China, & Collectibles Restoration in Southern California mentions it is recommended for Lladro restoration and repair. This includes a full restoration and dealing with broken pieces. The Rattay’s website has been up since 2008.

Pick Up the Pieces in Orange County has provided repair services for more than 50 years. Their website is old – up since 1998 – and advertises the company is a close partner with Lladro of Beverly Hills. The company offers full restorations, color matching, fixing broken pieces and chips, and providing replacement parts.


Leak Enterprises in Belleview says it is a recommended provider of repair and restoration Lladro services. The website has been around since 2002 and says if you have a missing piece their artists can try and recreate it. Free estimates are available and simple repairs start at $50. A fifty percent deposit is required to begin work.

Allan B. Mittelmark in Boynton Beach has over 40 years of experience repairing collectibles, including Lladros. His website has been available since 2004. Mittelmark says missing parts can be reconstructed and after a repair is done the piece will not lose value. (Note: if you have repaired or restored a piece it will lose value and you should disclose what has been done with the piece if you should sell it.)

Robert G. Bahna in Miami advertises Lladro restoration. Bahna’s website (as of this review) was not very professional. Although the site mentions a “since 1962” date, and a copyright starting in 2006, the website registration was only recently done in 2014 and that was through a questionable service with a Denmark address under the name of someone else. We recommend looking elsewhere, especially if you are needing to ship your treasure.


Bric-A-Brac Studio in Metairie advertises the repair of Lladro pieces. The website, up since 2003, also mentions fabricating pieces and finishing them to match the original. The studio website has nice pictures showing repair work with before and after pictures.


Hamlin’s Restoration Studio in Ellisville is an approved Lladro restoration service. The Hamlin website has been up since 2003 and advertises that the company has a large inventory on site of genuine replacement parts and flowers. When needed, the company can also hand-sculpt missing areas.


H. A. Eberhardt Restoration Studios – Free estimates are available and simple repairs start at $80. This is a well respected service in Philadelphia whose website has promoted Lladro restoration and repair services since 2000. Do not expect a quick turnaround and H. A. Eberhardt Restoration Studios states it does not provide part replacement parts for retired pieces as replacement parts are no longer offered by Lladro.

South Carolina

Universal Fine Art Conservation with locations in Estill and Head is an authorized Lladro service provider. The website has been available since 2004. Universal Fine Art advertises that it can provide replacement services, replicate parts, reconstruct items, reglaze, and do repairs.

South Dakota

Keller China Restoration in Rapid City offers restoration and repair services of many collectibles, including Lladro. Some of the before and after photos of actual repair services are simply amazing. The website has been listing services since 2005. Repair evaluations are free and repairs start at $35.


McHugh’s Restorations in Richmond is an official Lladro restoration service. Estimates are provided for free. McHugh’s website has been available since 2006.

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